Steven Blake

Software Engineer


Programming Languages: C#, Java, Go, Python, PL/SQL

Frameworks: .NET Core, ASP NET Core, Flask

Front End: HTML5, CSS3, React, React Native, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Databases: Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac

Version Control: Git, Subversion

CI/CD: Github Actions, GitLab Pipelines, Bitbucket Pipelines

Miscellaneous: Docker


WhatsMyRecord screenshot

What's My Record is a web page that allows fans of SPFL teams to find their viewing record for a given season. Users can enter the games they attended and the results will display how many games were won/lost/drawn and how many goals were scored/conceded. These results can then be shared on social media for comparision with other fans.

Technologies: React, C#, ASP NET Core Web API, Postgres SQL

LotteryBotUK screenshot

UK Lottery Bot Notifier

A Telegram bot that allows users to set up notifications to inform them when the Euromillions/Lotto has reached a desired jackpot.

Technologies: C#, ASP NET Core Web API, Postgres SQL